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As a parent, you very quickly learn how persistent these little ones can be if they really, REALLY want (or according to them, NEED!) something…and then you wonder where all your money goes!

My life today revolves around kids, with two daughters aged 18 months and four years, and their older cousins ranging 6-14years. Stationery and nik-naks have always been such a pull for us all, myself included. All those fun, bright, innovative things that are out in the market and hook us. But every trip to the mall would need a pre-plan session to ensure we were in and out on time, and how to avoid these stores when there with our precious darlings!

Enter the light-bulb moment!

The inspiration behind Rock Paper Scissors came from identifying a need for easy access to playful, high quality childrens’ stationery and accessories in the region at affordable prices. So for all those busy parents out there, what’s better than having these delivered right to your doorstep!

Our Brand’s aim is to provide convenience for our customers, and implement our core value of play for all things Rock Paper Scissors…because let’s face it –life’s too short for it to feel like work right? And we hope you too are able to feel this through our products and site.

So enjoy the journey and let’s play!

Love and hugs

Deepa Dhamecha Ryan xoxo
(A mummy and wife first,
And Founder of Rock Paper Scissors next)

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